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Audio-Video Forensics
We have adopted Ed Primeau's Forensic Science Model for our own methodology because of his long standing experience dealing with audio and video forensics, and, his methodology using the identify, clarify and testify to scientifically examine evidence has been peer reviewed and accepted within the science community. 

Audio Forensics is the scientific approach to enhancing and authenticating audio evidence for use in court. Both of these services require not only knowledge of audio but also the science behind the characteristics and creation of audio recordings. An evidence recovery is also often necessary to obtain the most original and highest quality copy of the evidence for authentication and enhancement.


CCAudio LAB analyzes all aspects of the audio evidence we receive. Every detail is noted and documented following our own "Best Practices and Procedures" to ensure that the investigation covers everything necessary for the specific case. Our Audio Forensic Process is accepted in the scientific community and is structured and methodological.

When performing an evidence recovery, we make sure to study the device that created the audio evidence prior to performing the Forensic Audio Investigation. In many instances, we will work alongside the device’s technical support team to ensure that the evidence is handled properly and the highest quality export is extracted from the device. [Note] Because Tennessee State Law requires certain licensing for the acquisition of evidence, usually a PI license, we will only be able to work alongside attorneys, or private investigators when recovering evidence since we DO NOT have this license. Otherwise we will only work on copies of said evidence within guidelines that is lawfully described on the TN Commerce website: 





Forensic Audio Enhancement is one of the most common services we provide to clients. Audio evidence is often created in less than ideal circumstances and requires specialized skills to uncover the events as they occurred. At CCAudio LAB, we use multiple high resolution software programs and forensic techniques to decrease and eliminate harmful noise while increasing the intelligibility of the voice content.

Forensic Audio Authentication is an audio science that requires very close attention to detail and a lot of concentration. Every aspect of the audio evidence is analyzed in-depth to ensure that every bit of information is examined.


Our approach to audio forensic science is methodological and easily recreated. And attention to detail is the norm, not the exception when it comes to preparing a testimony and explaining our enhancement methods. We consider ourselves an "Expert Witness." And we have the experience to give credible and prepared testimony for any justice system, private detective, or news agency. We understand that testifying at trial requires thorough forensic investigation, detailed, easy to comprehend reports, and independent forensic preparation, as well as preparation with the client lawyer. That way, once we take the stand and are sworn in, we are ready to present the facts in a very professional manner. Ed Primeau refers to this process as identify, clarify and testify which we have adopted as our own method because of it's proven methodology that can be duplicated by any competent and trust worthy person in the field of digital forensic science.

We believe in and are experienced at earning the trust and respect of the jury by making an appearance that is professional and well documented. We do this by keeping our expert witness testimony easy to understand. We explain our forensic processes using easy to understand language and terminology. We also know how to make eye contact with the jury to address each of them independently. All these ingredients are crucial to the success of our expert witness testimony.