Our Rates 

Criminal Cook Audio Lab specializes in making the best - quality masters. All prices in USD.


Typically a single master takes as little as one hour or two hours max. WE prefer to hold onto your master for a 24 hr ("rest period") where the ears can reevaluate if the mastering was thorough. Not many studios offer that protection.  An album master depends, but in normal conditions the time is between 5 to 6 hours since longer times can create diminishing returns.


Album mastering can take one working day to complete. But for an album, we prefer a week ("rest period") to make any last minute changes. 


By allowing a rest period we minimize the need for revisions which often occur when projects are rushed. Proofing and metadata entry is part of the mastering process and usually adds two additional hours to the workload. 


Wav files include 2496 high-res (per request), 2444 for MFIT standards, and 1644 for CD standards. All proofed. Lossy (e.g. AAC, MP3, etc) files are only sent (per request). DDP (for CD duplication) is included for 5 songs or more. Digital delivery in two formats is included, (CD and MFIT per guidelines). 



Because forensics deals with many different client needs and case loads, we would only be able to give you a quote by phone or email. However, you can download are "Service Agreement" which outlines many of our upfront "flat rate" fees that are required retainers before we begin any work. Hourly rates may also apply for forensic services.    



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